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Say "NO" to going backwards. KEEP IMPROVING OHIO SCHOOLS!

Help us keep Ohio’s schools healthy and efficient. Tell the Ohio Senate to vote NO on SCR 25, because it threatens the health of our schools, our children and our teachers. This resolution, put forward by the chemical lobby, would end Ohio’s nation-leading green schools program.


What is SCR 25?

Ohio Senate Concurrent Resolution 25 (SCR 25) is a chemical lobby-backed attempt to end healthy, efficient public buildings in the state, most notably, our state’s nation-leading green schools program. It would ban LEED, Ohio’s preferred standard for building excellence, for K-12 schools and universities. By tapping energy and water efficiency, LEED-certified buildings are saving taxpayer dollars and also providing students, teachers and Ohio workers healthier and more productive places to live, learn and work.

On February 26, the Ohio Senate approved SCR 25 despite the many objections of a diverse group of Ohio businesses, organizations, students and professionals. You can read the testimony submitted here. The bill is now being considered by the Ohio House of Representatives.

If Chemical Lobbyists Get Their Way, Then the Resolution Will:

End our state’s nation-leading green school building initiative.

Jeopardize the investments made by hundreds of Ohio businesses and to build healthy and efficient buildings, products, materials and services across the state and region.

Undermine Ohio taxpayers’ commitments to fiscal responsibility in a tough economy, by reducing operation costs for running public buildings, like schools and libraries.

The LEED green building rating system relies on the free market to prioritize better, healthier, and more energy efficient buildings and Ohio. 88 of the Fortune 100 use LEED to meet their goals for efficiency, conservation and responsible development. The chemical lobbyists who are pushing SCR25 are standing in the way of Ohio's progress in order to protect their clients' bottom line.



Prior to 2007, Ohio school facilities were graded amongst the poorest in the country. It was a wake-up call for Ohio leaders to find a better way.

Since then, Ohio has become the national leader in green school building, with nearly 100 new schools constructed and hundreds more are on the way. This is more than any other state!


Each of these schools has earned at least LEED Silver certification. This means these schools are carefully designed and built to keep health, efficiency, air quality, and optimal learning environments in mind – not to mention saving Ohio taxpayers millions of dollars and reducing their overall impact on the environment.


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Stop the Chemical Lobby’s Attack on Green Schools!

The chemical lobby-backed resolution, SCR 25, would gut the state’s celebrated green building programs. The resolution is being pushed by the chemical lobby, because they are frustrated with one new, optional, LEED credit that would give architects, designers, and our school districts extra tools to help make informed decisions about the materials we do (or don't) want to put in our buildings. The chemical lobby is determined to shut out LEED altogether so they can keep the door wide-open for undisclosed chemicals in public buildings and schools. 

The bill is up for a hearing this Tuesday, February 11, 2014! We need your help to stop the rollback of years of progress toward healthy, efficient schools for Ohio’s children. Sign the petition to tell your senator to vote NO on SCR 25. Please let your family and friends know that their state senator needs to hear from them, if we want to keep healthy and efficient schools a reality in Ohio.

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